Unveiling Wanyoike Lewis Enray Kikki collection

Bold Colored WL Suit Claddi

Enray Kikki collection was launched in September 2014 by the brand: Wanyoike Lewis/Infinite Style

Inspired by colors, patterns and button designs, the Enray collection 2014/2015 from Wanyoike Lewis displays a variance of style. The collection features

  1. Men suits; a statement of color with unique designs on the pockets and the collars.
  2. A modern and authentic dress coat designs which can be worn by all ages confidently. The look adorns prints and monochrome color effects.
  3. A varied print coats with button details in an artistic way in bold colors.
  4. Ladies collection of event dresses varying from the unique tiered skater dress, chic crop-full maxi, mermaid dress and a monochrome jumpsuit.
  5. Unisex collection: Rare to get an elegant top on a lady and gentlemen perfectly fit: Wanyoike has it with a fusion of plain and print patterns in monochrome colors.

Designers Words: Its not about what you wear, its about how you wear it

Buy any piece at www.claddi.com/shop/

Inset: Models: Ken Fredrick


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