Kafamily Craft

Halfmoon KC-Claddi

Kenya is a home of crafts and art favored by the dynamic cultures and the diversity of its residents. The creativity of each craft piece is what sets each designer apart from the rest. Kafamily Craft as the name suggests is a family of crafted kinsmen who have spent more that twenty years crafting accessories into unique pieces that are sold all over Africa and the world.

This year, they showcased some of their artifacts at the Kenya WorldWide Fashion Week displaying an array of quality finishing and creativity.

Kafamily Craft have been able to share their knowledge and experience with women in their local neighborhood giving them employment and skills to feed their families. Such nobility has seen many family lives changed.

Kafamily crafts have partnered with Claddi to have their products sold online and accessible to all Kenyans who believe that charity begins at home.

Buy Products at: www.claddi.com 



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