Designers Profile: Wanyoike Lewis

Wanyoike Lewis Designs

Name: Wanyoike Lewis

Brand: Wanyoike Lewis

Tag: Infinite Style

Wanyoike Lewis is well known for his impeccable fitting men suits that spell out ELEGANCE at all costs in all dimensions. His independent brand is three months old to date having acquired enough experience with former design label.

His passion is defining men fashion, changing the conventional wardrobe approach revamping it with colors and designs that are easy to wear at the same time comfortable.

Where to get his designs? His designs are sold on an E-commerce platform.

Can I get custom suits? Yes it is possible as outlined below.

How to get it fitting? When purchasing the product, fill in the customers details with your exact measurements, and once the order is complete, the custom suit will be delivered to your address.

In His word: Suits are a must have pieces in a man’s wardrobe. They can be toned down or as outgoing depending on ones preferences or the occasion. Suits can be accessorised however by an individual to bring out an idea or whatever look/style one is going for. One can turn any suit into a certain style, may be casual or a more official look by just accessorising it. This can be done with the right shoes, shirt or neck-piece.


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