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Every day we hear or see designers creativity duplicated just like in the recent show by South African designer Gavin Rajah during the 2014 Cape Town Fashion week. He had an identical dress to that shown last year by a Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad. So what has happened to creativity in Fashion Designs?

From the basic knowledge that Fashion design is an art that applies design and beauty to fabrics and accessories mainly influenced by the society culture, then we can understand the role of a fashion designer. Fashion design is bound to change from region to region and with exposure to technology, it has become bigger and better. Favorably, creativity is still at hand especially in the Ghanaian market with abstract avant gardes to enhance the runways. Delightedly, creativity is not off the radar!

However, on the other hand, there are some designers who chose to play is safe by working around other designer creations and with only a change in fabric. For such, an applause can be awarded for the effort of fabric change but originality does not stand a chance. As Claddi seeks to promote Kenyan designs, reviews are openly spelt out on what makes a designer stand out:

  1. Creative and artistic. A designer must be willing to explore new options and compete relative to the changing trends. This works from creating an expression of the designs and working to bring it into a beautifully finished product.
  2. Skills that range from simple sketches to complete pieces. An encounter with a designer’s piecework will tell you how much he knows and is willing to input in his designs. It is indefinite that a designer gets better through learning more about textile and design.
  3. Have an eye for details. Always know that meticulous people are able to tell if your pieces are placed wrongly, if the threading is off, how the seam is tucked.
  4. Identifying designs that compliment ones skills such as women wear, men wear, knit wear, bridal wear, accessories, sportswear, and children wear among others. It is better to be perfect in one area than worse in all, a principle that I have learnt from those who have great things running. As I would put it in the layman tongue: What defines you as a designer?
  5. Commitment to what you do? Do you deliver as a designer? This happens mostly to designers dealing with the haute couture, who have to make pieces on order. How you relate to your clients determine what will circulate around about your designs. Claddi will allow clients to rate designers and review their do you have what it takes?
  6. Open minded. It easy to shun criticism and correction but one who stands through it all, embracing challenges and making relevant changes emerges the victor. Be willing to learn on the job, no one was born perfect, each day is a day to learn and advance:
  7. Get knowledgeable about business. Well many designers have failed by incurring losses simply by neglecting the business approach in fashion design. Understand the market economy and get information on new development in the fashion industry that will keep you creative.
  8. Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. This is necessary especially if you are directly marketing your products. Customers need to have a good relationship with you to keep the brand thriving.
  9. Be able to work in a team. This works well for designers who have make many piece thus requiring more staff. Great teamwork creates a serene working environment and enhances productivity.
  10. Lastly for today: Have a competitive spirit, this always keeps you on the edge of giving your best as each day we have new designers coming up with great designs.



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