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Since the 1960s, Animal print fabrics have rocked the runway and streets with revamp, feisty and modesty. This is inclined to the beauty derived from these animals or even their “strong traits” that’s hidden deep within each one of us. Animal print fabric would conform to the natural animal color or a replica in different colors could be a plus to stepping out of the box. Just like any wardrobe function, there are Do’s and Don’ts to get by wearing any animal style:

List 1 do~ Wear one animal print at a time. This gives you the sure “look-composed” character in you. Well, just don’t overdo it! What I simple mean is don’t have the print design in the accessories, shoes, top, bottom, scarf….No Way! Too much of anything is definitely lethal.

List 2 do~ Make it fascinating by complimenting animal print clothing with gold or silver accessories. Colored accessories work well with zebra print but as for the leopard and tiger, print multi-colored accessories is not an option. A fall back plan would be to match the accessories if the dress is not animal print.

List 3 do~ What’s trending is the splash of plain (single) colors on animal print. This sparks up well especially with shoes, bags, cardigan or scarf.

List 4 do ~ Unless it is a free flowing maxi, get the best fit for your body. Don’t wear baggy or undersized animal print, it is scary!!!

Where to dress animal print: Any place anytime if well placed. Animal prints rock

Pro’s: an additional animal print compliments office wear striking a wild confident appeal.

Incept: Balmains Pre-Fall 2014 collection of animal print in the most fashionable and elegant pieces (Courtesy of Toyin Fagbohun)

Nicki Minaj rocking snake print during the MTV 2014 awards; Michelle Williams dressed in a halter neck Giraffe print dress.

Animal print zebra tops, calf hair-detailed waist-cinching belts, and structured pleat skirts with leather and gold metal accents. Menswear leopard print suits, belted leather jackets with black


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