African Pride in Kente Fabric


Kente Fabric is an indigenous fabric of the people of Ghana and their neighboring communities.  The Kente fabric designs was inspired by the kwaku anansu, a spider in the Ghanian mythology as it resembles a spiders web. The fabric can be made of rayon or silk and is refered to a “nwentoma” by the people of Ghana. The Kente is available in a solid color or a mixture of many colors, that means its distinctive trait is how the fabric is woven.

The Kente Fabric has a rich history as it was used by the people of royalty. Each color was chosen for a particular course for each has a meaning. This meanings as as outlined below:

  • Black: Spiritual energy, mourning, funerals, maturity and passing rites
  • Blue: Love, togetherness, harmony, peace
  • Gold: Richness, royalty, fertility, affluent, worthy, success
  • Green – earth, vegetation, yield, spiritual growth and rebirth
  • Yellow –luxury, fruitfulness, high value, royalty, prosperity, wealth
  • Silver – tranquility and joy with respect to the moon
  • Grey – Healing and purification rituals, often compared to ash
  • Red – death, memorial service, grief
  • Pink – womanly, tenderness
  • White – pureness, purification rites and celebrations
  • Purple – feminine; worn by girls and women
  •  Maroon – soil and healing

Inset: Photograph of Nana Diko Pim III, Asante Paramount Chief of Ejisu in 1976



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